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League History

The New Jersey Amateur Baseball League is a league created by players looking to enhance their weekend baseball experience in NJ. The concept of this adult baseball league started in 2011 out of frustrations with the offerings that were available. We found that league fees seemed to be increasing, but the benefits were decreasing. Further examination of fees related to running a league determined that margins seemed insane, and that quality was being substituted for profit.

In 2012, following a long Spring campaign, we decided that it was time to pull a model together and see if our vision could become a reality. We decided to invest some money into a professional website design that gave us great capabilities to deliver a dynamic website offering enhanced team microsites. We felt that adding mobile technology to our design was one way to give the weekend leagues a nice makeover in functionality. Once we got everything lined up, we launched.

The goal of the New Jersey Amateur Baseball League has always been to deliver a superior overall experience to our customers. We understand baseball is played for the love, but players should have the opportunity to enjoy their weekend baseball at the highest level possible. As a league, we are re-investing our profits back to the players to enhance the experience. We have asked some of the most respected players to come on board our League Council to act on all things baseball in the league. We are a league run by players... for players. Everybody has a voice, and if you have an idea that could make it better for everybody else... we would love to hear it.