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This Code of Conduct shall govern each and every team which is registered with NJABL within the State of New Jersey. The Code of Conduct will be distributed to all managers. All managers and coaches are required to review and become familiar with the Code of Conduct , and share documentation to their players.

As a participant in the New Jersey Amateur Baseball League, you agree to abide by the Player Code of Conduct as noted below, to promote fair play across the league. You recognize that:

  • As a participant in the league, you represent your team, your peers and your community on the field
  • It is your obligation to conduct yourself in a manner that brings honor to the game, your team, your opponent and represent the league appropriately.
  • You will be considerate to the general public, spectators in attendance and respect the fields you play upon
  • You understand that the league promotes fair play, and you will not in any way act in a way to diminish that or disrespect your opponents experience (including, but not limited to cheating, forging statistics, fighting, assaulting an official, or any other behavior inappropriate that diminishes quality of play)
  • You acknowledge that the umpires on the field are there to do their best to officiate a game, and while human error is a part of the game, you will accept the outcome and argue any calls respectfully without derogatory remarks
  • Racist comments or offensive language against a teammate, opponent or official is strictly prohibited
  • Alcohol and Drug use is strictly prohibited on the fields and in dugouts
  • Respect the game and your opponents as you would like to be respected
  • Encourage and promote good sportsmanship
  • Remember that we are playing a game 

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