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Bruce bolt


07/08/2019, 10:45am EDT

Teams and Free Agents welcome at all skill levels

Registration is now open to all Teams and Free Agents for our 2019 Fall Season.

While the Spring/Summer is entering the final weeks of regular season play, we are beginning preparation for another incredible Fall season ahead. 

Last year, there were 40 teams competing with us from September-early November, across 4 skill levels. We are expecting to deliver Amateur & Intermediate Wood leagues split into North/South Regions (which mirrors our Spring structure). We care about the quality of play across all levels and want to ensure our players get the best overall experience possible (limited travel, promote fair play and set up competitive levels). 

The Fall starts Sunday September 8th, and we are offering a 10 Game Season at $900 for teams with home fields and $1,100 for those without a field. With weather permitting, Fall Championships are slated for early November. We offer an enhanced website, 2 mobile apps, team/player trophies, state carded umpires, Scorebook/ Lineup cards, Wilson A1010HS1 baseballs, "best of 3" postseason and team insurance. We provide a Fall All-Star Game in a professional stadium, something no other league offers. You will not find an experience like ours anywhere else. 

If your team is interested in playing this Fall, we ask that you let us know so we can begin planning Leagues/Divisions early. It will help us determine/gauge expectations. Team deposits are not due until August 1st, but if we have some knowledge of your teams intentions, it helps us to plan our levels of play better and we appreciate the heads up. 

If you are a Free Agent looking for a team, please ensure you are registered so you are in our system and ready for team placement. Registration for free agents is currently open (see below link), and we plan to begin player placement by early August. 

Thank you for the continued support. We will continue to make necessary changes to ensure the quality of play is above and beyond your expectations. Good luck to all the rest of the season!


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